Discovering Security Risks of Android Apps Using Metadata

The proliferation of mobile devices also increases security threats to these devices and mobile applications. These devices do require and enable the development of different security mechanisms for the reason that they are different from traditional computer systems. One of these different mechanisms is the distribution of Android applications. Unlike traditional application distribution mechanisms, Android applications are distributed centrally, so an application's definition, score, user comments, and the like can be obtained in Android markets. In recent years, the analysis of the Android applications using this metadata has begun to gain importance. In this project, we aim to reveal the security risks related to the application by taking advantage of this information.

Sponsored by Tubitak


  • Android Security
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Natural Language Generation


Dr. Sevil Sen

Cyber Security, ML


Dr. Burcu Can




Emre Gurbuz

Mobile Security, ML

PhD Student

Muhammet Kabukcu

Mobile Security, NLP

MSc Student