Detecting Intrusions in Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT is on the rise and expected to replace many wired/wireless components (sensors, actuators, etc.) of industrial sites in the near future. As industrial automation systems such as SCADA systems, IIoT will be required to be highly reliable and secure. This will enable well acceptance of IIoT by the vast majority of the industrial automation and applications sector. In terms of security, CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) are the three utmost features desired to be assured by the systems. Therefore, IIoT will need to provide these security features to its users. One of the biggest threats against CIA is the intrusions towards the systems. A security solution needs to have an IDS in order to detect and mitigate the risks pertaining to the intrusion. Hence, it is clear that IDS will be one of the key components in securing IIoT. Developing a suitable IDS for IIoT is the main of the project.


  • IoT/IIoT
  • Security
  • Intrusion Detection


Dr. Ismail Butun

Network Security, Wireless Comm.

PI, Mid Sweeden

Dr. Sevil Sen

Cyber Security, ML

PI, Hacettepe

Selim Yilmaz

Research Assistant